Thursday, March 12, 2009


This week's theme at Blogger's Community Photo Challenge is Birdhouses.

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Originally, I had planned on taking time to drive around town in search of the most creative or eye-catching man made habitat for our feathered friends. When time had simply not presented itself, I decided to look closer to home... Right outside my kitchen door.

In warmer months, I tend to hang brightly colored petunias or fuschia. I thrive on those colors and delight in the sweet scent every time I open my window or walk out the door. Hummingbirds love them as well. So, one year I saw a tiny decorative birdhouse that I thought would look cute hanging next to the flowers for the hummingbirds, and bought it just for fun... It's also a wind chime, so I enjoy leaving it hanging year round. This photo doesn't accurately portray it's dimensions, though.... It's only about 2 inches tall!