Saturday, May 30, 2009

Floral Frenzy

Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. ~John Ruskin

Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed. ~Walt Whitman

Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character, though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning. ~Lydia M. Child

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fuschia Delight

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge last challenge until September is FLOWERS.

I took a few shots of the Fuschia I have hanging outside my front door this evening ~ playing around a bit with light settings and such, and found that this one taken in automatic using flash gave me the look I appreciated the most.

Fuschia Delight

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring months and wish you all a summer filled with warm breezes and days of fun and adventure (or, even better - a little R and R!)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden's First

Garden's First

Garden's First

Her delicate petals
cast lightly over
rays of gold
blue and silver folds
cupping the warmth
as she waits patiently...

and alone.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Naked Bubbles
and A Box of Chocolates

Lost for a moment...

a whirlwind of scraped skies
and busy streets
How sudden!


The warmth of her smile
With open arms to greet me
Casting aside the wretched nerve

My friend

Oh, how could she have known
of forces yet untold?
Memories to share and to be made
in the quiet presence
of another
were unexpected and, of course,

Like the daffodils we chased.

Gathering color, dance and smile
Timed by hand
Both hers
and ours
How thoughtful
To have been given a day

of sparkling Naked Bubbles
and A Box of Chocolates
chelle b.
april 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This week's theme at Blogger's Community Photo Challenge is Birdhouses.

Please click Here to play along!

Originally, I had planned on taking time to drive around town in search of the most creative or eye-catching man made habitat for our feathered friends. When time had simply not presented itself, I decided to look closer to home... Right outside my kitchen door.

In warmer months, I tend to hang brightly colored petunias or fuschia. I thrive on those colors and delight in the sweet scent every time I open my window or walk out the door. Hummingbirds love them as well. So, one year I saw a tiny decorative birdhouse that I thought would look cute hanging next to the flowers for the hummingbirds, and bought it just for fun... It's also a wind chime, so I enjoy leaving it hanging year round. This photo doesn't accurately portray it's dimensions, though.... It's only about 2 inches tall!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge- WINTER

Okay, so I have taken my camera out a total of two times this winter... Of all the photos I've captured, this one is my favorite. Taken on the way HOME from an afternoon of shooting wintery scenes, to me, this happy-go-lucky snowman says it all.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FUN: Blogger's Community Photo Challenge-HEARTS!

From my heart to yours.....

Heart In Bloom mmb 2009

And while we're at it, I thought I would share another painting I finished a short time ago which sort of fits the theme of hearts and love and so forth and so on. I haven't been posting much these days, so when the mood strikes....

The Kiss mmb 2008

Wednesday, January 7, 2009



The half moon shows a face of plaintive sweetness
Ready and poised to wax or wane;
A fire of pale desire in incompleteness,
Tending to pleasure or to pain:
Lo, while we gaze she rolleth on in fleetness
To perfect loss or perfect gain.
Half bitterness we know, we know half sweetness;
This world is all on wax, on wane:
When shall completeness round time's incompleteness,
Fulfilling joy, fulfilling pain?
Lo, while we ask, life rolleth on in fleetness
To finished loss or finished gain.

By Christina Rossetti

Monday, January 5, 2009

The One Left Behind....