Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

This week's challenge is Christmas Ornaments. I am looking for square photos, if you can, with either your favorite Christmas ornament or just an ornament. If you are not able to submit a square, I will crop to make it one (sorry ~ forgot this minor detail!). Like the last 2 challenges I will do a collage of all entries. Please post your entry between now & 12/18 no later than 9 PM EST, to be included in the Christmas Ornament collage. If you don't celebrate Christmas & would like to join in, you may include a decoration that would represent your holiday.

We finally put our tree up today. It was our first "real" tree in three years. I was really pushing for the fake one again ~ it's nice enough and saves money (even though secretly I would MUCH prefer a real one!). But the girls kept on insisting until I finally agreed. It was a gift from their father, actually, which I know made it even more special for them.

We have many beautiful ornaments. Some from Christmas long since past, and others that we've collected or been given over the years. One family friend has been bringing the girls special ornaments every year, beginning with their very first Christmas. Memorable little treasures to be passed on for what I hope will be generations.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


gina said...

i love snowmen ornaments, and this one is really cute. i finally gave in a few years ago and got an artificial does have some advantages, but nothing takes the place of the smell and feel of a real one. i think it was a wonderful gift for the girls from their dad. Merry Christmas!!!

lisa jo said...

i really miss you in my life and hope you and yours are doing great. I hope you have the happiest Christmas ever.

Vicki said...

What a lovely ornament and photo...I'm sure the tree is absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and the girls!

MariesImages said...

We didn't even get our tree yet..;(
We always get a fresh one & put it up a few days b/4 Christmas.
Love the ornament, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Very nice :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We put our tree up today as well. Glad you had a good day :o)

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I've been getting my girls their own ornaments each year since they were born. I hope someday when they move out their own tree will be full of old memories for them.

My tree is up as well. (A fake one, I admit) and I believe I'm on my way to being ready for the holiday~~ I hope these days are filled with good for you.

D said...

love it great choice! I love snowmen..
Happy Holidays to you too!

MISSY said...

Cute snowman *M*

Connie said...

I always use the fake trees also...safer..but there is nothing like the glow of lights from the inside of a real tree...and the smell..that doesn't come from a candle--but from the real tree..Lovely photo.Brings back fond mem-ries

Nancy said...

What a happy li'l guy...I like him a lot! Wish I could be there to sit around the tree with you and the girls...

Love you,